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Types of editing

Simply put, I check text for consistency, grammar, spelling, tone, formatting, and style. (For more on style, see my blog post). 

To use publishing industry terms, these are the services I mainly offer:


copy editing

line editing

However, I take a flexible approach according to what your text needs, which may be a mix of the “standard” types of editing listed above. Please get in touch to discuss how I can help you. I can provide a free sample edit so you can see the kind of changes I would suggest.

Language and style

I work in UK and US English. I’m a British native speaker currently residing in the EU.

In terms of style, I will follow your house style or style guide if you use one, such as the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) or the New Oxford Style Manual. Alternatively, I can analyse your text and make it consistent with itself. (For more on style, see my blog post.)

Who I work for

I proofread and copy edit for a range of clients, including:

publishing services providers
self-published authors

For examples of my past clients, see the Portfolio page.

What I work on

I proofread and copy edit various types of documents, including:

academic papers
marketing materials
press releases
website content

I specialise in nonfiction. My experience includes:

  • education
  • engineering
  • history
  • mathematics
  • modern foreign languages
  • political science
  • relationships
  • schools publishing
  • science

For examples of past projects, see the Portfolio page.

Outside of proofreading work, I also have general interests such as woodworking, DIY (home improvement), gardening, music and guitar playing, bicycle and motorcycle maintenance, web design (including HTML and CSS coding), and desktop publishing (book design). I speak English (native level), as well as conversational Spanish, French, and Polish, and basic Italian.


I mostly work in Microsoft Word using the Track Changes and Comments functions (for more detail, see my blog post on Track Changes).

I’m flexible though. Other options include Google Docs (in Suggesting mode) or PDF (using Adobe Acrobat Comment tools). Let me know what you need.


When asked to calculate a fee for a project, I look at the number of words and the level of work required. For clients that prefer, I work on the basis of an hourly rate. 

For a quote, please contact me to discuss the specifics of your project.

For examples of how fees can vary with the type of editing or proofreading required, see these tables of suggested minimum rates from the CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading) and the EFA (Editorial Freelancers Association):